Easy Way to Fix HP Printer Error 49?

Error 49 this is generally caused by an interchanges disappointment between the printer and the PC, or related record blunders. Anyway, there are different causes which lead to the fast approaching blunder, for example, invalid print directions, degenerate information or invalid activities. Now and again, electrical “clamor” can make defilement information amid transmission to the HP printer. Other such causes are low quality parallel links and poor associations. You can settle this blunder pretty effectively by utilizing the instructional exercise on this page. Also, HP Printer Error code 49 is caused by a communications failure between PC (computer or laptop) and your printer.  Here we provide you an easy way to Fix HP Printer Error 49 or 49 Error HP LaserJet by HP Printer Support experts.

Reason why HP Printer Error 49 Occurs

1: Due to Invalid commands.

2: Data transfer damaged.

3: Invalid option as well.

4: Error registry, including also.

Fix HP Printer Error 49

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error 49 or 49 Error HP LaserJet

Step 1: First cancel the all Jobs from your printer.

Step 2: Switch the printer off, then turn it on.

Step 3: Try to print something (a sample print) from another software application.

Step 4: If the printer working fine, then go to the first application and try printing to print something else.

Step 5: If the Error code 49 shows with different software applications and print jobs, then, disconnect all the cables from your printer, if it’s not a wireless printer.

Step 6: After that, switch off the printer.

Step 7: Also, remove the all memory DIMMS and third party DIMMS from the printer as well.

Step 8: Remove the all EIO devices from your PC.

Step 9: Switch on the printer.

Step 10:  If the Error Code 49 no longer, then install all DIMMS and EIO devices at the same time make sure your printer would be turned off and install each and every thing in a proper manner.

Step 11: Remove the DIMM or EIO as well of you think it’s corrupted or damage.

Step 12: Make sure you connect all the cables from your printer or PC.

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HP Printer Customer Support Number

If the HP Error Code 49 issues solves then, there is no need to continue the troubleshooting and if the error issue still persists, then you need to contact our HP experts to Fix HP Printer Error 49 or Error 49 HP LaserJet. For further assistance you can call us anytime at HP Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-576-9647.

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