How to Fix HP DesignJet Printer Error 61:05?

The system error 61:05 indicates there is a problem related to communication and the HP DesignJet 800 or 500 series printers not able to process the print job. Follow the few easy steps to troubleshoot the error, Error 61:05 occur due to dirty printhead or bad printhead (may be some time rotates between errors 79:04 and depending on the job being sent to internal print being printed). Most of the cases printhead are the most likely cause. Follow the printhead cleaning instructions as well for further reference. To Fix HP DesignJet Printer Error 61:05, Dial HP Printer Technical Support experts.

Fix HP DesignJet Printer Error 61:05

Steps to Fix HP DesignJet Printer Error 61:05

Step 1. Switch of the printer then Turn on your printer.

Step 2. And allow your printer to complete initialization.

Step 3. With the help of Down Arrow key, gently scroll to the Ink menu and click on Enter key.

Step 4. Be careful while scroll or replacing the Printhead after that, press Enter key.

Step 5. Open the top cover of your printer.

Step 6. Open the carriage cover as well and remove the all printhead.

Step 7. After that switch off your printer again.

Step 8. Then be care careful by cleaning the electrical contacts on the carriage and the printhead using a lint-free cloth make sure cloth would be soft.

Step 9. When the contacts will dry then re-install the printhead and close the carriage cover of your printer.

Step 10. If the error still occurs then try to replace the black printhead first or replace any other printhead as well.

Step 11. If the issue still persists then continue with the remaining steps as well.

Step 12. Again switch off your printer and turn it on again your HP DesignJet 800 and 500 series printer.

Step 13. Try to test print and if it prints successfully that means problem is resolve, If it is unsuccessful then, go to software troubleshooting once again.

Step 14. Switch off your printer and disconnect the all cable from your printer and network and leave the power cable connected only.

Step 15. Switch on your printer and send the Troubleshooting Print from the Ink System menu from the front panel and if the Troubleshooting test print sample is successful, then go to the troubleshooting the connection section and If the error reappears  all while performing the troubleshooting print job, there may be a hardware problem with the printer as well.

HP Printer Technical Support Number

Dial HP Printer Support Number 1-800-576-9647 to Fix HP Printer Error

After following all the above mentioned steps, if the issues still unable to Fix HP DesignJet Printer Error 61:05 so, kindly get in touch with our HP qualified technicians to fix the problem simply dialing our HP Printer Contact  Number 1-800-576-9647 to get instant help from experts.

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